Corgi Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Australian Cattle Dog Corgi Cross

Australian Cattle Dog Corgi Mixes are playful and can be a wonderfully loving companion. Australian Cattle Dogs have a long history of being used for herding and because of that, they’re very active and want to constantly be physical. It’s recommended that anyone looking to have an Australian Cattle Dog and Corgi Mix be active and have the space for the pup to get out and stretch it’s legs. They’re an intellectual breed and while they are very active, they shouldn’t be too loud or become a nuisance with barking.

Also known as a Corgi Cattle Dog, they can grow to be 25 – 40 pounds in weight and can be 12″ to 20″ in height. They commonly have brown or blue eyes and usually have white and brown fur with a straight, short fur length. They’re very independent and can be stubborn when trying to integrate with other dogs. It’s very recommended to keep them engaged in physical activity that can keep them mentally engaged. Playing catch and tug-of-war is a great way to spend time with an Australian Cattle Dog Corgi Mix.

Australian Cattle Dog Corgi Mix