Corgi Mix Nicknames

One of the fun aspects about corgi mixes and cross breeds are the combined nicknames that come about by combining “corgi” and the other breed that it’s mixed with. For example, the corgi husky mix, probably the most popular corgi cross breed, is commonly referred to as a “horgi.”

We’ve put together a list of commonly used corgi mix nicknames below. Let us know which one’s your favorite and if you have heard of any others that might not be listed.

Auggie or Aussie Corgi Corgi and Australian Shepherd
BeagiCorgi and Beagle
BorgiCorgi and Border Collie
ChigiCorgi and Chihuahua
CojackCorgi and Jack Russell
CopicaCorgi and Cockapoo
CorgidorCorgi and Labradors
Corgi PomCorgi and Pomeranian
CorgipooCorgi and Toy Poodle
Corillon Corgi and Papillon
Corman ShepherdCorgi and German Shepherd
DorgiCorgi and Dachshund
Golden CorgiCorgi and Golden Retriever
Horgi or CorgskiCorgi and Husky
PorgiCorgi and Pug
ShiborgiCorgi and Shiba Inu